Have you heard of living and dead water before?

Living water, also called structured water, makes up 99% of our molecules by count. Living water has the amazing ability to arrange its hydrogen and oxygen molecules into repeating, geometric formations like a crystal.

Dead or unstructured water is random and not ordered. This is the water that comes out of the tap and the water that is bottled and sold in stores.

Thanks to the development of NMR technology (Nuclear Resonance Imaging) scientists have been able to compare the arrangement of water in different cells. What they found was water in healthy cells remains crystallographic (structured living water), while water in aging, diseased, or otherwise unhealthy cells, becomes more like “dead water”- the broken, misshapen forms of random arrangements of hydrogen and oxygen.

So how do we restructure dead water and make it living again? There are several ways to do this. Personally I use a mix of most of these because doing just one is not the answer, you need a mix of several different things.

💦crystals put in the water or near it (some crystals are safe in water others are not so research before you add a crystal)
💦orgone, which incorporates crystals
💦vortexing the water
💦leaving the water in sunshine and moonlight
💦using colors such as a colored piece of paper on the side of a see through container, research the benefits and negatives of the different colors
💦north facing magnets
💦speaking positively to the water and putting positive messages on the water storage

Every week on Friday at 7pm EST I post different orgone devices that I have made for sale in my Facebook group Dr. Scalar’s Holistic Health. If you have something specific in mind or do not want to wait until Friday you can always place a custom order as well.


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