With 5G being installed across the world you have probably heard the term EMF. What is an EMF?

EMF stands for electromagnetic field. This term generally encompasses magnetic fields, dirty electricity as well as radio frequencies when talking about health concerns and EMFs.

Magnetic fields are given off by anything that is plugged into the wall, which is why it is important to unplug anything in your sleep space. 

Dirty electricity goes by many names such as dirty power, line noise, power line EMI (electromagnetic interference) and microsurge electrical pollution. Dirty electricity is created by electronics that operate by converting 50/60 Hertz AC into other forms of electricity such as low voltage DC or higher frequency AC. It is also created by electronics that draw power intermittently, which is done by stopping and starting the flow of electricity over and over again, often thousands of times per second. The constant start and stop of the flow of electricity creates harmonics, erratic surges and spikes of electrical energy. Once the dirty electricity is created it spreads on the wires. This means that even if in your own home you avoid anything that can cause dirty electricity it will still come in from your neighbor’s electronics. Some common sources of dirty electricity are smart and plain digital meters, battery chargers, light dimmer switches, and fluorescent lights.
Radio Frequencies are the most common form of EMFs that are talked about. They are given off by many things such as your cell phone, cordless phones, Wi-Fi router, smart appliances even when they are turned off and baby monitors.

All of these forms of EMFs affect our sleep, alter our DNA, and decrease our health. In today’s world it is virtually impossible to completely avoid man made EMFs, but there are things that can be done to help reduce your exposure, which is what we will talk about next. 


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