Today is the day! The Truth About Vaccines docu-series starts airing tonight for FREE. This is hands down my favorite docu-series. It is for everyone, those who are just starting to question to those who have been researching for awhile. Everytime I watch it I pick up new information. They also added some new episodes since it aired last time.

You will get to hear from many experts from scientists to medical doctors and lawyers. Everyone is effected by vaccines and needs to watch this.

You can sign up to get the links to the episodes here:

Have you watched this series before or is it your first time? I want to know
your thoughts and what you learn tonight in episode 1 and beyond.


Prolife? Provaccine?

Abortion is ever so present in the the history of vaccines as well as present vaccines. Aborted fetal cell lines are not only used as a growth medium, but are in the end product, the vaccine being injected in you and your children. The aborted…

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