Saturday, October 10th was the first annual Vaccine Injury Awareness Walk by Michigan for Vaccine Choice. I had the honor of being one of the speakers at the event. My speech was specifically on the use of aborted babies in vaccines.

On my youtube channel you can also view all of the speeches from the day. There were many amazing speakers throughout the day. They are as follows: Attorney Katherine Henry of, Walter Winesbury of, speech pathologist Maija Hahn, Pastor Bernadette Smith, Laura Peiffer, Angelic Johnson, Dr. Heather Mills from AK Chiropractic, occupational and environmental toxicology expert Kristen Meghan, Dr. Christina Parks who is cellular and molecular biologist, Dr. David Brownstein of Center for Holistic Healing , and Dr. Marissa Brand (myself) from Quantum Doctors.


Prolife? Provaccine?

Abortion is ever so present in the the history of vaccines as well as present vaccines. Aborted fetal cell lines are not only used as a growth medium, but are in the end product, the vaccine being injected in you and your children. The aborted…

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