In case you missed my summary on all cell salts you can read it here.

Cell/Tissue Salt number 1: Calcarea Fluorica (Calc Fluor)

Physical symptoms of deficiency:
cornea problems
cracking of skin
varicose veins
deficient teeth enamel

Emotional symptoms of deficiency:
low self esteem
stress regarding financial matters

Facial signs of deficiency:
brown/black coloring around the eyes
blue lips
reflective shine
small white scales
cracked lips
translucent tips of teeth
cubic shaped raised lines
diamond shaped raised lines starting at the inner corner of the eye

Generally helpful for:
varicose and enlarged veins
stony or hard glands
malnourished bones and teeth
decreasing the chances of adhesion after a surgery
as an expectorant of thick and heavy phlegm
protection of eye sight and protecting against cataracts
rheumatism aggravated by cold weather
weak connective tissue
scar tissue
smelly feet


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