In case you missed my summary on all cell salts you can read it here.

Cell/tissue salt number 2: Calcarea Phosphorica (Calc Phos)

Physical symptoms of deficiency:
bone growth
late teeth
heart palpitations
nose polyps
headaches in children
growing pains
white coating of the tongue

Emotional symptoms of deficiency:
desire to travel
loss of motivation
mental weakness
difficulty handling bad news

Facial symptoms of deficiency:
waxy appearance
white spots on teeth and nails
small lips
yogurt appearance
stretched cheekbone musculature

Generally helpful for:
anemia and malnutrition in pregnant women and her child
weakness, anorexia and greenish diarrhea in children
children who are slow to walk
dark completion, thin, anemic persons
weak ankles
spina bifida
stiff neck
coming off of hormonal birth control


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