In the United States some viruses for vaccines are grown on aborted fetal cell lines. This results in aborted fetal DNA being in the vaccine given to the population. I have written about the history of these cell lines as well as which vaccines use aborted fetal cell lines here. You can also listen to me speak about this topic here.

Dr. Theresa Deisher and her team at Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute studied the levels of aborted fetal DNA contaminants in the Rubella portion of the MMR II® (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine, the levels in the Havrix® version of the Hepatitis A vaccine as well as the levels of contamination in the Varivax® (chickenpox) vaccine. They found levels ranging from 142-2000ng per dose.

The MMR II® vaccine was found to contain 142ng +/- 8ng of single stranded DNA with 35ng +/- 10ng double stranded DNA fragmented to approximately 215 base pairs. In the Harvix® vaccine contamination levels of single stranded DNA were at levels of 301ng +/- 152ng per dose with 44ng +/- 24ng of double stranded DNA with unfragmented residual DNA more than 48,500 base pairs in length. Meanwhile the Varivax® vaccine was found to be contaminated with 2,000ng of double stranded DNA.

Keep in mind the FDA and WHO suggested limits are 10ng of residual DNA per vaccine dose and 200 base pairs. We are seeing over 10 times as much residual DNA in vaccines!

You can read Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute’s publication here. All of the vaccines mentioned above use single dose vials, which is why I used dose not vial.


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  1. I have question regarding Russian vaccine. Do you by any chance know if Sputnik V vaccine was developed using, or contains aborted children’s cell lines. I cannot find any information on that. I realize that the vaccine in question comes from the other side of the “wall”, so information on this side of the “wall” is not easily available. This is in regards with the presentation on LifeSite at the beginning of March. Thank you in advance for your help.

    1. Marek it looks as though the company has not released that information yet, but since their other adenoviral vector vaccines used HEK 293 (which is an aborted fetal cell line) I would be surprised if they used something different for this one.

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