We are in the midst of a battle to keep our rights protected in Michigan and all across the United States. Michigan for Vaccine Choice has put together a letter to send to your state legislatures to let them know that you want your rights protected. All it requires of you is to fill out the form at the link below.


We are asking the state legislature to support a Vaccine Bill of Rights similar to the one proposed by America’s Frontline Doctors, which you can read below.

If you live in Michigan make sure you become a member of Michigan for Vaccine Choice! There are several different membership levels. The first level is free.


Prolife? Provaccine?

Abortion is ever so present in the the history of vaccines as well as present vaccines. Aborted fetal cell lines are not only used as a growth medium, but are in the end product, the vaccine being injected in you and your children. The aborted…

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