A study was published in the Lancet looking at absolute risk reduction instead relative risk reduction as the result of the different covid shots. Relative risk reduction only takes into account the population, which benefits from the shot and ignores the rest of the population, whereas absolute risk reduction takes into account the entire population. The relative risk reduction that has been reported by the COVID shot makers are a joke to begin with, but that is a whole other bag of worms to get into.

Pfizer reported 95%
Moderna 94%
Johnson and Johnson 67%
AstraZeneca 67%

The study published in the Lancet concluded that the absolute risk reduction for the different shots are as follows:

Pfizer 0.84%
Moderna 1.2%
Johnson and Johnson 1.2%
AstraZeneca 1.3%

The study also looked at how many people would need to receive the different COVID shots to prevent 1 infection. They concluded the following:

Pfizer 117
Moderna 76
Johnson and Johnson 84
Astrazeneca 78

These are not good stats for these COVID shots. More than 75 people have to be injected to prevent one case, which a person has over a 99% chance of surviving from without the shot. All of the currently available COVID shots have less than a 1.5% success rate. That is scary especially when in the United States there have been 4,406 deaths reported to VAERS as the result of the COVID shots as of May 21, 2021. This death toll does not take into account that less than 1% of adverse events are reported to VAERS, nor does it take into long term effects that can cause an early death. Why are we injecting people with something that is causing death and not protecting next to anyone?


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