I can never find organic brown sugar, so I of course I took matters into my own hands and I make own.

Organic when it comes to sugar is very important because in the United States the majority of sugar is made from sugar beets. And Sugar beets are a big genetically modified crop in the United States, which means unless you know the brown sugar you are buying is from sugar cane chances are it is from GMO sugar beets. YUCK!

GMOs are very bad for the body and the genetically modified genes can actually transfer to humans altering our genes and the genes of the bacteria and viruses found in our bodies, especially the gut, which is our second brain.

That is why I took matters into my own hands and make my own brown sugar. It is super easy too! Take 1 cup of organic sugar and add in 1 Tablespoon organic robust molasses or 2 Tablespoons normal organic molasses. Mix it together and that is it you have clean brown sugar.

*Molasses can also be made from GMO sugar beets, which is why you want to use organic molasses.


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