Cell/tissue salt number 5: Kali Muriaticum (Kali Mur)

In case you missed my summary on all cell salts you can read it here.

Physical symptoms of deficiency:
second stages of fever (101-103F)
eustachian tube blockage
white mucus discharges

Emotional symptoms of deficiency:
family issues
tendency to hypochondria

Facial signs of deficiency:
milky appearance to the skin
milk moustache
milky-reddish coloring around eyes
milky-bluish or milky-purplish coloring on the upper eyelid

Generally helpful for:
white mucus conditions
varicose veins
glandular problems
chicken skin on arms
sinus problems
acne rosacea
fat digestion problems
rheumatic fever and glandular swelling
severe ulcers, eczema and boils
diseases which become worse with heat


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