In addition to being on the maintenance plan through Quantum Doctors anytime someone gets sick there are different natural herbal remedies my family turns to, to help us feel better and detox. Some of the following products I do receive a monetary kickback from. Here is a list of some of the things we use:

In addition to all of the herbal things and scalar energy therapy we also use homeopathics. These are my favorite kits: DELUXE FAMILY, EMERGENCY and CHILDBIRTH.

Some of my remedy stash for illness


5 Essential Oil Myths

There are many essential oil myths. Today I am addressing 5 of the most common and most damaging essential oil myths. Myth #1Therapeutic grade is the best grade. In the United States no one regulates essential oils except for the companies themselves. As a result…

Protect Our Rights!

We are in the midst of a battle to keep our rights protected in Michigan and all across the United States. Michigan for Vaccine Choice has put together a letter to send to your state legislatures to let them know that you want your rights…

Kali Phos, #6

Cell/tissue salt number 6: Kali Phosphoricum (Kali phos)In case you missed my summary on all cell salts you can read it here. Physical symptoms of deficiency:bad breathsleep and nerve problems Emotional symptoms of deficiency:nervous irritabilityweak memorytest anxietytensionmoody depressionangerself pityfeeling of being insulted and disgraced by family…

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